MaryLaura Mau


In a family littered with creative minds, MaryLaura Mau grew up fueled by diverse artistic influences. She developed a need to 'make'; using social constructs such as creating space and facilitating conversations as well as working in a traditional visual sense. MaryLaura's art has always been focused on affecting change. Her methods began in painting and assemblage followed by more conceptually based interventions and photographic work. Her most recent series depicts a vulnerable voyeur, stretching uncomfortably with pain until lightness takes over. Laughter is an appropriate response to much of her work. This forces the viewer to question their own involvement with the subject who is often left in a precarious or embarrassing situation. She forces our nature of guarded interaction to drop and to examine the daily exchanges with those around us.

MaryLaura received her BFA in Painting from The Kansas City Art Institute (2007) and MPS in Arts and Cultural Management from The Pratt Institute (2011). She has exhibited work throughout the Midwest, New York and Mexico. Her most recent series was produced in Oaxaca City, Mexico at the Arquetopia Oaxaca Residency and her pop-up art space Rayuela Arts. She currently lives and works in Detroit, Michigan.

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